Sesderma Kojicol Facial Skin Gel, 1.0 oz.

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Sesderma Kojicol Facial Skin Gel, 1.0 oz. Description

Product Description Non-greasy gel (oil-free) corrects melanic pigmentations faster and more lasting than other depigmentators . Based on Kojic acid that inhibits melanogenesis by blocking tyrosinase (the enzyme responsible for the production of melanin). It also has sunscreen properties and moderate bacteriostatic effect, which makes it very useful in the topical treatment of acne lesions. It works with a set of assets: Alpha-Arbutin, Extrato of Phyllanthus. Emblica, phytic acid, boswellic acids and Mulberry Extract with lightening and antioxidant synergistic effect, providing hydration and soothing irritation. The whitening effect of kojic acid is greatly enhanced by the presence of AHAs ( glycolic acid and citric acid), which remove the cornea layer of the skin producing an exfoliation and allowing both kojic acid and phytic acid to reach melanin-loaded cells. Brand Story European laboratory that specializes in encapsulation of active ingredients using Nanotechnology developing and studying the most revolutionary skin treatments for over 25 years using the best ingredients and equipments.

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