milk + honey Cream Deodorant (Coconut & Vanilla) 2.5ounces (71g)

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milk + honey Cream Deodorant (Coconut & Vanilla) 2.5ounces (71g) Description

Bestselling Cream Deodorant No. 20 is infused with coconut and vanilla oil and packed with Arrowroot powder and baking soda. It smells like a sweet escape while keeping you fresh and dry all day long. Crafted in Austin, Texas and packaged with care in dark amber apothecary-style bottles, our products are unequivocally toxin-free, organic, plant-based, effective, and luxurious. We are committed to creating products that not only smell and feel good, but are good with long-lasting benefits. To honor this commitment, we only source the highest quality ingredients — always as clean, all-natural, and organic as possible — because we believe it’s just as important to nourish your body from the outside in. When I use the Cream Deodorant, it irritates my skin. Why is that? So, you used the cream deodorant for a few days, totally fell in love with it, but now your underarms are red and angry? This is a sign that your skin’s pH is adjusting to the alkalinity of the baking soda in our deodorant. Naturally, our skin is acidic with a pH between 4.5 and 6.2. Our skin is protected by a thin barrier called the acid mantle. The acid mantle is made mostly of sebum with lactic and amino acids, and it supports our skin’s immune system. Since baking soda is powerful at managing bacteria on the skin, and very neutralizing with a pH of 8.3, it can throw the skin’s pH out of balance. Our skin is very resilient and should adjust to the deodorant, but if you are experiencing a reaction or irritation, try limiting use or alternating with another deodorant. If you are experiencing extreme discomfort, discontinue use.

milk + honey Cream Deodorant (Coconut & Vanilla) 2.5ounces (71g) how to buy

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