[Miba] Ion Calcium Mineral BB Cream 50ml

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[Miba] Ion Calcium Mineral BB Cream 50ml Description

Capacity: 50ml, 1.69fl.oz Color: Pink Beige Main Ingredients Ionized Calcium: Hydration and skin barrier enhancement Niacinamide: Brightening(Tone-up) Adenosine: Wrinkle improvement Eucalyptus Leaf Oil: Hydaration and moisturizing How to use 1. Take apropriate amount and apply it on your face 2. Gently tap and spread it 3. Apply once more on to spots with serious skin troubles * Can be used by mixing with foundation. Recommended for these poeple People who feels dry when using foundation People whoes pores stand forth when using items with water glow People who need to do the extra application because of loose makeup People who has been told that their makeup looks cakey People who have sensitive skin and afraid to wear makeup People who want to finish makeup through sunblock with only 1 product

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