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Ha+ Collagen Anti-Aging Serum (502) | RAYA Description

HA + Collagen Serum is a highly concentrated, anti-aging, moisture binding, and skin repairing facial treatment recommended for all non-problem skin types. Collagen effectively helps diminish wrinkles and age lines, while providing a skin tightening and plumping effect by helping tighten cell connections for improved skin firmness. Placenta Extract (botanical origin) is effective in restoring skin elasticity and moisture, while increasing cell renewal to provide a smooth and even texture to the skin. Multi-Peptides help increase collagen and elastin production to further reduce and slow the formation of lines and wrinkles. Live cells, derived from Corn, help improve the complexion of skin by providing it with nutrients. This product makes skin feel soft, light, and velvety. It absorbs quickly and leaves a smooth, non-greasy finish. HA + Collagen Serum (502) | RAYA

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